Balliol Day Nursery: Safeguarding Children Statement

Balliol Day Nursery: Safeguarding Children Statement

Like all childcare professionals we have an obligatory responsibility to protect the children in our care. We will therefore share our concerns with the Local Authority Safeguarding Team (Social Services) if we fear a child may be suffering abuse or neglect.

Phone numbers and procedures for what to do if you are concerned about a child are displayed on the Safeguarding and Welfare noticeboard in the staffroom.

All adults have a legal duty to report any concerns about children or staff and to disclose any changes in their own circumstances that would affect the accuracy of their DBS check.

Please see the nursery’s policy on Safeguarding and Child Protection.

Balliol Day Nursery’s designated lead practitioner for Safeguarding Children is Vanessa Clark. Please speak to her if you have any concerns.

Balliol Day Nursery: Whistle-blowing  

In order to promote an environment of openness and transparency we actively encourage all adults to bring matters of concern to our attention, or that of the Local Authority Safeguarding Team, without fear of implications to themselves, the children or their employment.

May 2015

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