Oxford Financial Assistance

This funding is provided by the University to help any student who experiences unforeseen financial difficulties.It comprises the following strands of support: Oxford Assistance Fund (OAF) (previously Oxford Hardship Fund), Care-Experienced and Estranged Student Bursary (CEESB) and Student Support Bursary (SSB). You must be able to demonstrate that something that you did not and could not foresee at the start of your course has occurred which means that your original budget is no longer valid. Applicants must also demonstrate that they have insufficient funds to cope with the unexpected change. Certain scenarios are not considered ‘unforeseen’, e.g. fluctuations in exchange rates. 

Type of award
Welfare and hardship
Eligibility or selection criteria

The Oxford Assistance Fund is open to undergraduates and postgraduates of any fee status. However, students must have already applied for college support.

Amount awarded

Awards may range from £100 to £3,000 for Home students and up to £8,000 for all other students; awards at the highest level will usually be a combination of a grant and a loan. 

How and when to apply

A link to the application form and a guidance document can be obtained from the Student Finance Officer or by emailing student.funding@admin.ox.ac.uk

Your application must be supported by an online statement from your College and supervisor (postgraduates only).

Completed applications should be sent to the Student Finance Officer, who will submit the completed application to the University Financial Assistance committee.  The deadlines for applications to be returned to the Student Finance Officer are: 

  • Michaelmas Term - Friday of 2nd week 
  • Hilary Term – Friday of 2nd week 
  • Trinity Term – Friday of 0th week 

It is possible, in urgent cases, for the Chair to consider a OAF application between meetings. This must be requested when the application is submitted and is subject to the availability of staff and the Chair.

Further information

For further information, see the University website.

If you have any further queries about the Oxford Assistance Fund, please contact the University's Student Funding office or the Student Finance Officer.