Thesis Binding Grants

Grants are available to support the cost of binding two copies of a DPhil Thesis. One of the copies must be for submission to the Bodleian Library.

Type of award
Academic or academic-related
Eligibility or selection criteria

Any Balliol postgraduate who has received Leave to Supplicate for the DPhil. It is expected that applicants will be within 3 months of receiving Leave to Supplicate to be eligible. Those wishing to make an application outside of this window should contact the Student Finance Officer in the first instance before making an application.

Amount awarded

Up to £100. Payment will usually be made as battels credit upon submission of receipts.

How and when to apply

Balliol postgraduates who have received Leave to Supplicate for the DPhil may apply by submitting a Thesis Binding Payment Request form. You will be asked to upload copies of evidence of expenditure in the form of receipts.

If your Single Sign-On has expired, please contact the Student Finance Officer.

Further information

If you have any queries or have any trouble using the application forms, please contact the Student Finance Officer.