Thesis Binding Grants

Grants are available to support the cost of binding two copies of a DPhil Thesis. One of the copies must be for submission to the Bodleian Library.

Type of award: 
Academic or academic-related
Eligibility or selection criteria: 

Any Balliol postgraduate who has received Leave to Supplicate for the DPhil.

Amount awarded: 

Up to £100. Payment will usually be made as battels credit upon submission of receipts.

How and when to apply: 

Balliol postgraduates who have received Leave to Supplicate for the DPhil may apply by submitting a Thesis Binding Payment Request form. You will be asked to upload copies of evidence of expenditure in the form of receipts.

If your Single Sign-On has expired, please contact the Student Finance Officer.

Further information: 

If you have any queries or have any trouble using the application forms, please contact the Student Finance Officer.