Student Maintenance Grants

Student Maintenance Grants

This scheme is the largest maintenance grant exercise that occurs in College. It occurs at the start of the year so that you have an opportunity to plan your finances 'up-front' and present an application for aid, if there is a foreseeable shortfall between your projected income and expenditure for the year ahead of you.

Type of award
Welfare and hardship
Eligibility or selection criteria

Undergraduates and postgraduates in their second year and above, regardless of fee status (Home, EU, Overseas, etc.). Those in their first year are not usually eligible, other than in exceptional circumstances, and should consult the Financial Aid Officer prior to application. 

Amount awarded

£100-£1,000. Grants are awarded on the basis of financial hardship and up to £1,500 may be offered in certain cases.

How and when to apply

Application forms will be sent by email to students by the Student Finance Officer at the start of Michaelmas Term, with a closing date usually in 3rd week. We aim to notify applicants of the outcome of their application before the end of Michaelmas Term.

Further information

If you have any queries about Student Maintenance Grants, please contact the Student Finance Officer.