Oxford Bursaries

The University has a generous bursary scheme for UK and EU undergraduates from lower-income households who are not eligible for, or do not take up, a Crankstart Scholarship. These awards cover some of the costs associated with living in Oxford.  

Type of award
Welfare and hardship
Eligibility or selection criteria

Home (i.e. UK) or EU Oxford undergraduates from lower-income households who are studying for their first undergraduate degree or an undergraduate Medicine degree (including Graduate Entry Medicine). In order to receive a bursary fee reduction, you must have been financially assessed by your funding agency.

Amount awarded

Your Local Authority will assess your residual household income, and Oxford will make bursary payments based on this assessment. Bursary holders are also eligible for funding to defray the costs of travel from their home to Oxford (depending on the distance from Oxford).  Additional financial support is available to bursary holders who were in care for more than three months or are estranged from your family. For more information about the levels of funding available, please see the University's Oxford support page

How and when to apply

No application is necessary as awards are based on the household income assessment carried out by regional funding agencies. 

For details of when you will be notified if you are eligible for a bursary, and when you will need to have your financial assessment completed by, see the see the University's Oxford support page.

Further information

If you have any queries about the Oxford Bursary scheme, please contact the Bursary team.