Maximilianeum Exchange Scheme

The Stiftung Maximilianeum, a college attached to the University of Munich, Germany, has an exchange agreement with Balliol offering a free place to a Balliol undergraduate or graduate student who wishes to spend a year at the University of Munich. 

Type of award
Academic or academic-related
Eligibility or selection criteria

Open to all Balliol undergraduate finalists and all Balliol graduate students, in any subject of study. Applicants who are Balliol graduate students will normally be expected to be within the period of their fee liability, or just beyond it at the time they would take up the exchange. Amongst undergraduates, preference will be given to current finalists.

The Stiftung Maximilianeum does not accept German students intending to read medicine or theology; however, within the exchange agreement, there are no restrictions as to the subjects or courses to be read by Balliol exchange students at the universities of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and Technische Universität München).

Reasonable German is expected, but tuition can be provided in Munich. It is often possible to suspend UK grants for the period of the exchange. The award is not intended as a Modern Languages year abroad and candidates are expected to have academic plans for their visit. In the case of undergraduate applicants, a clear conception of a course of study to be pursued is a sufficient plan. 

Amount awarded

The award includes free board and lodging in the Maximilianeum, free enrolment at the University of Munich, and various other benefits. Reasonable German is expected, but tuition in the language can be provided.

How and when to apply

The exchange is advertised in Hilary Term, and applications, made in writing and including a CV and a letter of support from Personal Tutor/College Adviser, are due to the Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions via the Undergraduate Administrator by the end of Hilary Term.

Further information

In most cases UK grants may be suspended for a year in order to take up the position. The academic year in Munich generally runs from 1 October to 31 July.

In all cases of travel, whether as part of a course (e.g. field work, year abroad, medical elective) or an extra-curricular activity (e.g. a project for which College has provided financial support, a College reading party, or a Pathfinders award), students are responsible for taking out appropriate medical and travel insurance for the whole of their time away, including any independent trips made alongside, and for consulting relevant travel advice, for instance the Foreign Office travel advice. Reading party participants are expected to sign waivers prior to departure. Students are not permitted to travel to countries or regions for which appropriate travel insurance cannot be obtained.

If you have any queries about the Maximilianeum Exchange Scheme, please contact the Undergraduate Administrator.