Floreat Grant

Floreat Grant

The College is committed to enabling its students to take up opportunities for learning and development beyond their course requirements. The College has a limited number of trusts which can be used for extra-curricular activities, and depending on the level of funds available, small grants may be awarded to assist current Balliol students who take part in pursuits such as theatre, sport, community participation, personal development, etc. Such activities should be related to student life at Balliol College and/or the University of Oxford.

Please note:

Those who require financial assistance for academic or other projects directly related to their academic courses should apply for an Undergraduate Academic Project Grant or a Graduate Project Grant (as relevant), and applications for Foreign Language Study Grants must be made separately.

Funding is not available for the purchase of computers, bicycles, musical instruments or personal equipment, or for travel only for leisure.

Type of award
Eligibility or selection criteria

Any current Balliol student who wishes to participate in an extra-curricular activity related to student life at Balliol College and/or the University of Oxford. Students cannot apply for Floreat Grants after they have completed their exams and/or submitted their thesis.

Amount awarded

A limited number of small grants, up to a maximum of £150, are available depending on availability of funding. Payment will usually be made as battels credit upon submission of proof of expenditure. 

How and when to apply

All students may apply once a year, at any time in the course of an academic year, for a grant. To apply, please submit a Floreat Grant Application form available online.

After your application has been approved, to claim funds, please complete a Grant Payment Request form. You will be asked to upload evidence of expenditure.

Further information

Funding is limited. Once funds available for the academic year have been exhausted, no additional in-year awards will be made.

In all cases of travel, whether as part of a course (e.g. field work, year abroad, medical elective) or an extra-curricular activity (e.g. a project for which College has provided financial support, a College reading party, or Westerman Pathfinders award), students are responsible for taking out appropriate medical and travel insurance for the whole of their time away, including any independent trips made alongside, and for consulting relevant travel advice, for instance the Foreign Office travel advice. Reading party participants are expected to sign waivers prior to departure. Students are not permitted to travel to countries or regions for which appropriate travel insurance cannot be obtained.

Funding source(s)

General grants are funded by the Keasbey Memorial Foundation.

Music grants are funded by the Nettleship Scholarship Fund and the Lewis Masefield and Edward Rodd Memorial Studentship Fund. The Nettleship Fund was founded by the friends of Richard Lewis Nettleship who was an undergraduate here in 1865 and became a Fellow in 1869. He died of exposure in 1892 while attempting to climb Mont Blanc, and there is a memorial to him in the Chapel. The Lewis Masefield and Edward Rodd Memorial Studentship Fund was raised by the Poet Laureate John Masefield to commemorate his son and a friend who were killed in the Second World War.

Grants for Blues sport are funded by the Cadle Fund. The Cadle Fund was established by Dr Don Cadle (Balliol 1950).

Grants for theatre-related activities are funded by the Albery Fund, which was establised by the legacy of Professor Wyndham Albery (Balliol 1956) in his memory and in the memory of Sir Bronson Albery.