Balliol Short Term Loans

These loans are designed for Balliol students with minor cashflow problems. Loans can also be made for broken laptops or stolen bicycles. But nothing is too trivial – not infrequently a student’s problem will be due to a late grant cheque, or the loss of a bank card when a loan is needed until a replacement is made.

Type of award
Welfare and hardship
Eligibility or selection criteria

Available to any Balliol undergraduate or graduate student in any year of study, Home, EU or Overseas.

Amount awarded

Please contact the Student Finance Officer to discuss how much is required and how soon you need it to be set up. They are for small amounts and not in the region of covering fees. 

These loans are to be repaid by the start of the next term: i.e. if you apply in Michaelmas you will be asked to repay the amount by the start of Hilary.

How and when to apply

You can apply at any time during the year for assistance by contacting the Student Finance Officer.

Further information

If you have any queries about Balliol Short Term Loans, please contact the Student Finance Officer.