Philosophy (in Physics and Philosophy) Reading List

Please follow the link below to find general guidance on the course and logic exercises to complete and return to alexander.​kaiserman@​balliol.​ox.​ac.​uk by 30th September.

Preparatory reading for Philosophy (CSP, MP, PP)

Writing Philosophy essays

There are a number of helpful guides to writing philosophical essays. Those that previous students have found most helpful are listed here.

We also recommend making good use of The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy by Simon Blackburn (Oxford University Press) – especially if you feel tempted to use a term of art without knowing exactly what it means!

Adam Caulton (photo: Rob Judges)

Dr Adam Caulton, Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy

Alexander Kaiserman (photo: Rob Judges)

Dr Alexander Kaiserman, Fairfax Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy

August 2022