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Classics at Balliol

Balliol is in every way one of the biggest Classics colleges in Oxford. We are unusual in having Fellows in all four of the main areas of the subject, a large, vibrant, and cohesive community of undergraduates (as well as postgraduates), a college library with one of the best Classics collections in Oxford, and plenty of opportunities to participate in the wider life of the subject, including Classics societies, and travel grants. We are delighted recently to have appointed a new Fellow in Latin Literature, Dr Matthew Robinson, who himself completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Balliol. We are also particularly pleased that our Fellow in Greek Literature has recently won two Teaching Awards.


Professor Rosalind Thomas, Fellow in Ancient History (works especially on Herodotus, ancient literacy and orality, polis histories).

Rosalind Thomas image

Dr Adrian Kelly, Fellow in Greek Literature (Homer, Hesiod, and Greek tragedy). In 2012 Adrian's teaching was recognised by an OUSU Most Acclaimed Lecturer award and a Balliol JCR Excellence in Teaching Award.

Adrian Kelly

Dr Matthew Robinson, Fellow in Latin Literature (Augustan Poetry, Ovid, Propertius, Virgil).

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  • Stephen J Chambers, Lecturer in Latin