Balliol students in the Garden Quad in springtime (photo: Ian Taylor)

Academic excellence

Balliol College is a place where people of exceptional potential study with academics who are experts in their field.

Social responsibility

In this community in the centre of Oxford, Balliol generates ideas and educates people who seek to change the world for the better.

Bruce Kinsey in conversation with a Balliol student

Outstanding tutors

Students have nominated five Balliol people for teaching awards.

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Maurice Keen (Fellow and Tutor in Modern History 1961-2000 and Emeritus Fellow 2000-2012)

Memoir of a top historian

British Academy publishes memoir of a much-loved and inspirational Balliol history tutor.

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Tom Rowley receiving Young Journalist of the Year 2015 award (photo: Nick Carter, MagStar Ltd/Press Awards UK)

Young Journalist of the Year

One Balliol alumnus beat another to win the prestigious Press Award.

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