Balliol students in the Garden Quad in November (photo: Rob Judges)

Academic excellence

Balliol College is a place where people of exceptional potential study with academics who are experts in their field.

Social responsibility

In this community in the centre of Oxford, Balliol generates ideas and educates people who seek to change the world for the better.

Professor Robert Field (photo: Ian Taylor)

APEX award

Professor Robert Field receives major award for his research on water re-use.

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Portrait of Professor Sir Drummond Bone by Valeriy Gridnev, detail  (photo: Rob Judges)

Portrait of the Master

A portrait of the Master by Valeriy Gridnev has been hung in Balliol’s Hall.

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Vicky Neale (photo: Jennifer Balakrishnan)

Closing the Gap

Watch a video of Maths tutor Vicky Neale talking about prime numbers.

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