Freshers arriving at Balliol (photo: Rob Judges)

Academic excellence

Balliol College is a place where people of exceptional potential study with academics who are experts in their field.

Social responsibility

In this community in the centre of Oxford, Balliol generates ideas and educates people who seek to change the world for the better.

Freshers arriving at Balliol 2015 (photo: Rob Judges)

Welcome to our Freshers!

The Freshers’ e-Guide has essential information for new undergraduates and graduates.

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Students at Balliol's Graduate Centre (photo: Rob Judges)

Graduate Scholarships

Scholarships are available for graduate study, for admission in 2018.

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Balliol student callers September 2017 telethon

Old Members give generously

Thank you to the Balliol Old Members who gave £104,000 in the recent telethon.

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