English at Balliol College

Balliol was one of the first colleges to appoint a Fellow in English when the Honours School was established, and the subject has flourished here ever since. Students at Balliol cover the full range of the course, from Old English to the present day: we encourage you throughout to explore the subject as widely as possible, and to develop in depth your own academic interests in the final-year Special Papers. English graduates go on to pursue a variety of careers, including academia, journalism, teaching, media, law, and finance. Some become writers. There are College prizes for essays, for poetry, and for satirical writing; classes make use of the manuscripts and books held in the College’s Historic Collections Centre; and an occasional reading party or theatre trip may be organised by tutors.

Number of places at Balliol: 7-8.


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About the course

Please see the Faculty of English website and the University’s course pages.

Course requirements and selection criteria

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How to apply to read English at Balliol College