Economics and Management

Economics and Management at Balliol College

Economics and Management aims to integrate the academic study of all of the concerns of modern business management in a way suitable for undergraduates. Rigorous economic analysis is therefore integrated with many other social science disciplines. First-year students in Economics and Management also study mathematics and statistics, which gives them an opportunity to take the study of these subjects beyond A-level.

The economics course is the same as that for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, so that students reading E&M can expect to work closely with those reading PPE. In E&M, PPE, and History and Economics, all students take the same first-year course. Those who continue with Economics in the second year (an option in PPE and a requirement on the other courses) then study microeconomics and macroeconomics. Thereafter, students can choose from a wide range of optional subjects. Economics thus offers an exciting course which may be tailored towards specialisation in any of the major branches of the discipline. The Management course offers a range of subjects including accounting, finance, information management, marketing, operations management, organisational behaviour, and strategic management. It offers an exciting range of intellectual challenges and opportunities in a thoroughly modern discipline.

Number of places at Balliol: 3.


About the course

Please see the University’s course pages and the websites of the Department of Economics and of the Saïd Business School.

Course requirements and selection criteria

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