Foreign Language Study Grant

Modest sums are available to assist Balliol students of any subject with foreign language courses taken at the University Language Centre. In most cases, the language study should be related to your academic course.

Type of award: 
Academic or academic-related
Eligibility or selection criteria: 

Any current Balliol undergraduate or graduate student.

Amount awarded: 

50% of the costs for OPAL (Oxford University Programme in Languages) courses; £80 per term for priority places on LASR (Language for Study and Research) courses. Reimbursable upon presentation of a certificate of completion.

How and when to apply: 

For OPAL courses, please complete an OPAL College Reimbursement Form. For LASR courses, please request funding from your department in the first instance. If funding is unavailable from your department, please complete a priority booking form (whether you have made a prioity registration or not). Return forms by email or in hard copy to the Student Finance Officer

Once you have completed your course, please complete a Grant Payment Request form. If you have any difficulty using the form, please contact the Student Finance Officer.

Further information: 

For more information about Foreign Language Study Grants, please contact the Student Finance Officer.