Computer rooms

The College has a number of thriving computer rooms equipped with email terminals, scanners, DVD/CD writers and PC computers. The latter Windows 7 computers are networked to high-quality laser printers. There is no charge currently for the use of computing facilities within the College except for printing. Details on using the computer rooms' equipment are here.

Computer accounts

Email: All students will have a University email account prepared for them when their University/Library Card is processed. Email address will be of the form Email sent to this account can be readily forwarded to existing (e.g. Gmail) accounts if desired. The University email account includes a web-based interface,, allowing you to access your email from anywhere with a web browser.

For information on the Oxford email system see the OUCS email information.

Student accounts: Balliol students will automatically have accounts prepared on the College computer network. Use of the account is optional. College accounts are used primarily for wordprocessing, using the web and for other academic pursuits for those students who do not have access to other computing facilities.

Personal web pages: Any student with a University email account automatically has a website account on the University computer oucsweb. Details about the oucsweb computer and other services can be found on the University Computing Services' web pages.

Students' own computers

Most students bring up their own computers to College. All student rooms have network sockets which allow the students access to many academic facilities and wireless is pervasive throughout the College. For details of connecting  the network, see the Internet Access information page. Students are responsible for all aspects of the maintenance and repair of their own computers.

What sort of computer do I need? This question is asked many times and there is no easy answer. Most people require wordprocessing and Internet access. If you are doing a specialist subject, e.g. Oriental Studies, then you may require special equipment. For the student's particular course it is worthwhile contacting the subject tutor, who will know what equipment others are using.