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Students who are Care Experienced, Estranged or Parents

Balliol is determined to create a supportive environment in which students who have experience of care, or who are estranged from their families, or are themselves parents, can thrive. A wide range of support is available, and if you are such a student and require help, please contact the Student Finance and Support Administrator to ensure you receive all support to which are you are entitled.

Care experienced and care leavers

You qualify for targeted support as a care leaver if you were cared for by a local authority throughout any three-month period ending on or after the date on which you turned 16, and before the first day of the first academic year of your course. A letter from a social worker or support worker can confirm you are a care leaver and your period in care. If you have been given a residency order that expires on your 16th birthday, you will need evidence that you were in local authority care for three months after your 16th birthday to be considered a care leaver.

Estranged students

You should apply for independent status as estranged from parents if you are: estranged from your family; or were in care for less than three months after your 16th birthday, or for a period before your 16th birthday but do not have a relationship with your parents. Oxford has taken the StandAlone Pledge to provide targeted accommodation, mental health and financial support for students estranged from their families. StandAlone has a guide for students applying for independent status, which you can do if your circumstances meet any of the relevant criteria.

Student parents

Whether you have a child or are about to become a parent, a wealth of services are available to support you in Oxford – from the University and Student Union to the County Council. Financial support is available for the Balliol Nursery.