Balliol College Freshers' Form

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It is a mandatory requirement that all Balliol Freshers fill in this form. You will need a digital passport-type photograph of yourself. Asterisks indicate mandatory fields.

Please complete the form using normal script (i.e. do NOT use ‘Caps Lock’) and submit by 1 September. Your data is submitted and stored securely.

Undergraduates are expected to arrive on Monday 2 October unless they have arranged and agreed in writing with the Undergraduate Administrator to arrive on the Sunday 1 October.
Files must be less than 1000 KB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp.
In order to help your peers get to know you, current students would like your permission to: (i) display your photo publicly on a noticeboard in Balliol Junior Common Room (undergraduates) or Balliol Middle Common Room (graduates) - the meeting-places for students on Main Site and at Holywell Manor; (ii) post your photo to a secure members' area of a Balliol student website. (You will be able to supply a different image later if you wish.) Please select 'yes' if you give permission. Please select 'no' if you do not want your photo to be used for either or both purposes.
Please answer yes or no to the following: I realise that from time to time Balliol will commission still and film photography to be taken, or receive submissions of photographs or film from College Members, for use in the College’s publicity materials, and I agree that any such images in which I appear can be used for this purpose. I understand that these publicity materials include the College’s printed publications, which may also be published online, its website and its social media accounts,and that all other details about the use and storage of the photographs/film footage are as outlined in the College’s image policy ( I also understand that if I would like to opt out of this declaration at any time I can do so by contacting the Publications and Web Officer.
Please make a note of any disability or long-term health condition that may affect your work or life at Balliol, and which you have not already disclosed at application stage. (The University of Oxford is committed to making reasonable adjustments to enable disabled students or students with long-term health conditions to participate fully in student life. In order to provide study support, relevant departments and colleges of the university may share information about your needs. Information will be shared on a need-to-know basis with people in relevant departments and colleges, such as departmental and academic administrators, lecturers and tutors who will teach you, and relevant library and support staff.)
Please add more detail or any other information if you would like to.
The Kitchen do their best to give plenty of choice in order that most dietary requirements are accommodated, and provide allergen information with the menus on the day, but they are unable to guarantee that all diets are catered for at every mealtime. However, they make a point of doing so for special occasions, such as the Freshers’ Dinner, so that everyone feels comfortable about attending. We therefore encourage you to disclose any dietary needs here.
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