RSA Albert Medal for social innovator

Tuesday 28 November

The Royal Society of Arts has awarded its 2017 Albert Medal posthumously to Robin Murray (Balliol 1959) for pioneering work in social innovation.

In its announcement of the award, the Royal Society of Arts describes Robin Murray, who died on 29 May 2017, as ‘an industrial and environmental economist, [who] was active and influential across several fields, from cooperatives to energy system innovation. He was deeply committed to a democratic, creative and collaborative response to economic and technological change and developed pioneering economic programmes in local, regional and national governments … [and his work] informed a wide range of policy debate and development around the social innovation movement.’

Robin Murray was Fellow in Economics at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex 1970-82 and 1986-93, Chief Economic Adviser to the GLC 1982-6, and Special Adviser, Minister of Economics, Development and Trade, Governmentt. of Ontario 1993-5. His achievements include helping found the Third World Information Network (Twin), a trading organisation designed to ensure economic equity for producers in a global market and Twin Trading, a fair trade organisation with a focus on the practical development of co-operatives in supply chains overseas; working to establish the London Climate Change Agency; and founding the London Price Waste Action Programme.

The Albert Medal was instituted in 1964 as a memorial to Prince Albert, who as President of the Society for 18 years.