APEX research award for Professor Robert Field

Tuesday 14 November

Professor Robert Field (photo: Ian Taylor)We congratulate Robert Field (Professor of Engineering Science, Lubbock Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science) on being awarded an Academies Partnership in Supporting Excellence in Cross-disciplinary research award, known as an APEX award.

Awarded by the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society, the APEX awards are supported by the Leverhulme Trust and ‘offer established independent researchers, with a strong track record in their respective area, an exciting opportunity to pursue genuine interdisciplinary and curiosity-drive research to benefit wider society’. Professor Field’s research project is entitled ‘Exploring Water Re-use - the Nexus of Politics, Technology and Economics’.

Professor Field explains: ‘Globally, fresh water is scarce – and becoming increasingly so. Ground water extraction rates are far greater than the rate at which they are replenished and there is over extraction from rivers. So, societies need to achieve a balance between sustainable supply and increasing demand. Potable reuse, the use of technologies to treat wastewater without putting it back into the environment and through the water cycle, is becoming essential. With this in mind my project aims to understand the limitations of planned water recycle and re-use for a wide range of regions around the world, taking into account the constraints of government and of politics as much as the technological possibilities.’