Balliol Nursery Rules and Conditions

1. Pick-up

Children will not be admitted to the Nursery before 8.45am, and parents must arrive sufficiently before 5.00pm to ensure that their children are off the premises by 5.00pm. If a child is not picked up before that time, a £10.00 fine for every late quarter hour (or part thereof) will be imposed. The fine will be payable to the Nursery Manager within one week of the day the child is picked up late.

2. Payment of fees

Fees are payable throughout the year (except for the closed period in August), including periods during which your child is away from the nursery on account of illness or holiday.

Fees are payable in advance for a 12-week period (ask for fees schedule). If fees are not paid on the day due, a late fee of £5.00 will be added for each scheduled day of care that it is late. When accepting the offer of a place, new parents are required to pay 12 weeks’ fees in advance (or the sum stipulated in the Formal Offer of Place, if different). Of this amount one half will be treated as a non-returnable deposit, which will be forfeited if the place is not taken up.

There is an additional charge of £8.00 per week to the Nursery’s Lunch Fund. This is to cover the cost of meals, snacks, children’s cooking ingredients, party treats, etc. The lunch charge is payable in advance on a termly or half-termly basis. Where babies are being fed on formula milk, this is to be provided by the parents; the lunch charge will apply once weaning begins.

At least eight weeks notice of changes to fees and charges will be given to parents.

3. Termination of places by users

Parents are required to give the nursery eight weeks written notice of termination of their place. If less than eight weeks written notice is given, parents will be liable to pay regular fees until the first of the following occurs:

a) The filling of the vacancy created by the withdrawal.

b) The end of the required eight-week period from the receipt of the written notice.

4. Suspension/termination of places by Nursery Committee

The Nursery Committee retains the right, in extreme cases, to suspend or terminate the place of a child at the nursery if, for example:

a) After discussion with the parents the staff determine that the child’s behaviour cannot reasonably be accommodated within the Nursery.

b) After discussion with the parent the staff determine that the child’s needs cannot reasonably be met within the Nursery.

c) After repeated warning parents continue to breach Nursery rules, such as the pick-up rule and courtesy to staff rule, etc.

5. Sickness

For the well-being of your child and others attending the Nursery, the following sickness rules apply:

a) Parents must not send their child to nursery if he/she is unwell, and any child who has been suffering from sickness or diarrhoea must not return to nursery until at least 48 hours have elapsed from the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea and they are eating normally.

b) Parents must notify staff if they are aware their child has a contagious illness or if the cause of the child’s illness has been diagnosed by a doctor.

c) When a child becomes ill at Nursery every effort will be made to contact the parents, who must collect their child as soon as possible. Parents must ensure that they are contactable whilst their child is in the nursery’s care.

d) We reserve the right to transfer your child to hospital in an emergency.

e) Parents must inform staff if their child has been unwell at the weekend or in the night, and if they have been given medicine such as Calpol, prior to coming to Nursery.

(If you have any query regarding the sickness rules, please do not hesitate to discuss it with the Nursery staff.)

6. Courtesy to staff

The continuation of the Balliol Day Nursery as a happy, friendly environment for staff, children, and parents depends on mutual respect and good manners. Parents are required to show courtesy and respect to the Nursery staff at all times.

7. Children’s kit

Nappies, baby wipes, and creams are to be supplied by parents.

Each child must have a small non-plastic bag containing:

  • Soft-soled indoor shoes, e.g. plimsolls or doodles (preferably not slippers).
  • A complete set of spare clothes.
  • Changing equipment if applicable.
  • A small hand towel and face cloth (labelled with child’s name).
  • A pair of wellington boots (named).

Please ensure that your child wears practical, easily cleanable clothing to Nursery, as we can accept no responsibility if an item of clothing gets soiled during activities such as art or gardening. Safe sensible footwear must be worn at all times (i.e. no flip-flops please).

8. Notification of absence

Parents must inform the Nursery as soon as possible if their child is to be absent for any reason, e.g. sickness or holiday.