Prize Holders

This page lists all those who have been awarded College or University prizes during the current academic year and those who received awards after the end of 8th week of Trinity Term of the previous year. For details of College prizes and College subject prizes, and how and when they are awarded, please see Financial Support.

College prizes


Melissa Altinsoy, Prelims Prize

Allison Arber, Prelims Prize

Jamie Barnes, Prelims Prize

Johnathan Bulled, Greville-Smith Prize (shared)

Mollie Cross, Kington Oliphant Prize (English Literature)

Hamish Hall, Lubbock Prize

Kenny Jeong, Prelims Prize

Kathryn Jones, James Gay Prize

Kathryn Jones, Roger Hall Prize (History)

Jing Yee Kee, Greville-Smith Prize

Dan Kwok, Prelims Prize

James Knox, Greville-Smith Prize (shared)

Philemon Kwok, Kyriacou & Sherwin-Smith Prize (shared)

Natasha Larcom, Periam Prize

Thomas Laver, Kington Oliphant Prize (History)

Sean Liew, Prosser Prize (Mathematics & Joint School)

Jonathan Mallet, Periam Prize

Simon Newns, Prosser Prize (Engineering) (shared)

Andreea-Maria Oncescu, Kyriacou & Sherwin-Smith Prize (shared)

Kelan Patel, Prosser Prize (Engineering) (shared)

Josh Penollar, Prelims Prize

Utsav Popat, Prosser Prize (Mathematics & Joint School)

Freddy Potts, Edwin George Engleby Wright Prize

Beth Thomas, Prelims Prize

Barney Thompson, Samuel Dubner Prize (Classics)

Georgia Watts, Prelims Prize

George Wright, Greville-Smith Prize (shared)

University prizes  


Chevonne van Rhee, John Potter Essay Prize (Neurology)

Barbara Bilakiewicz, G-Research Group Project Prize (Computer Science)

Matthew Hillman, Palantir Group Project Prize (Computer Science)

Fanny Duneau, Presentation Group Project Prize (Computer Science)

Adam Salisbury, Arthur Lewis Prize for the Best Examination Essays in Development Economics

Cong Lu, Gibbs Prize for Outstanding performance in Computer Science papers, 2018

Axel Ronquist, Gibbs Prize for Computer Science and Philosophy 2018 for Parts A and B, paying particular regard to Computer Science papers

Jordan Gifford-Moore, Law Faculty Prize in Comparative Corporate Law (shared in 2018)

Opeyemi Longe, Winter Williams Prize in International Economic Law

Daisy Porter, Gibbs Prize for best performance in the Linguistics papers in the Honour School of Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics) and proxime accessit Gibbs Prize for best overall performance in the Honour School of Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics

Jing Kee, runner-up for ABinBev Prize for best performances in Chemistry Part 1A

Shaohong Zhong, Gibbs Prize (Excellent performance in Practical Work for the Preliminary Examination in Engineering Science)

Kirsten Land, Gibbs Prize (Mathematics Part A)

Benjamin Elliott, Gibbs Prize (Mathematics and Philosophy Prelims)

Daniel Kodsi, Gibbs Prize for the best performance in the Philosophy papers in the Honour School of Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Jordan Strobach-Morris, Gibbs Prize for best performance in the Philosophy papers in Part C of the Honour School of Physics and Philosophy

Gaurav Agarwal, Gibbs Prize (FHS Medical Sciences)

Nicholas Halterman, Gibbs Prize (Written Paper) (Politics)