The Junior Deans and welfare at Balliol

Wednesday 20 February

Junior Deans 2019The role of the Junior Deans at Balliol is ‘to assist the Dean and Chaplain in maintaining necessary and desirable levels of health and safety standards, discipline and welfare for Junior Members’ - i.e. Balliol’s undergraduate students. Here the 2018/2019 Junior Deans explain to students the welfare side of their work.

Who are we?

We are graduate students who form part of the broader welfare team within College working closely with the Peer Supporters, the Chaplain, the Drs WHO (the JCR welfare officers) and the Welfare Sub-Committee. Junior Deans are trained by the University Counselling Service as well as first aid trained and fire response trained, so we are a great place to start if ever you would like a listening ear.

What is our welfare role?

It is quite hard to define what exactly the welfare side of our role is because, for us at least, everything we do is driven by our concern for ensuring the wellbeing of individuals and the College community as a whole. With regards to the former, for example, it is worth pointing out to any current students who might be reading this, and who may be reluctant to contact us for fear of getting themselves or their friends in trouble, having too much to drink is treated primarily from a welfare standpoint with your health and wellbeing our foremost concern. We are also here to ensure that you have one more safe and confidential space to talk about anything that may be on your mind.

What are the kinds of things you can talk to us about?

Absolutely anything! So if you’re having a hard time in College for any reason, anxious or worried about your work, feeling homesick, having issues in a personal relationship, concerned about someone you care about or anything else, you can always contact us. If you’re ever unsure, please contact us and chances are at the very least we’d be able to hear you out and point you in the right direction if you do need to speak to someone else.

Why might you come to us?

We are always available for a conversation (24/7 during term time). We hope that you’d find it easy to talk to us because we’re also students and were undergrads a few short moments ago, and at the same time you may find it useful to talk to someone outside your immediate social circle. Also, we may be available more quickly than an appointment at the Counselling Service or a College counsellor might be.

How can you reach us?

You can reach us through the Porter’s Lodge, or directly at 07010 026478, or at Joe lives in Staircase IV room 3, and Mary lives in Staircase III room 9. And that’s it! So please feel free to speak to us around College or drop by for a cup of tea and a chat.

Your friendly neighbourhood Junior Deans,

Joe Lewis and Mary Jiyani

Junior Deans 2018/2019

For details of all the other people who are available to help Balliol students, see the Wellbeing and Welfare page.