Balliol winners in Oxford SU Student-Led Teaching Awards 2018

Friday 11 May

Congratulations to the three Balliol people who won awards in the Oxford SU Student-Led Teaching Awards 2018, ‘celebrating the brightest and best staff at Oxford’:

Professor Adam SmythProfessor Adam Smyth (Professor of English Literature and the History of the Book, Clarendon University Lecturer, A.C.Bradley-J.C. Maxwell Fellow and Tutor in English Literature) won the Special Recognition Award. This is awarded to someone who has made a significant and distinctive contribution to an area of University life (research, college life, in a department or faculty, or the lives of students).

Dr Daniel Butt (photo: Ian Taylor)Dr Daniel Butt (Associate Professor, Robert Maxwell Fellow and Tutor in Political Theory) won the Outstanding Graduate Supervisor Award. The ten criteria for this award included giving helpful, prompt, fluent and thoughtful comments; being a resource in terms of general knowledge about the discipline, research methods and current developments; critically engaging with their own and their students’ subject matter, both in personal discussions and the wider scientific community; and creating a stimulating and consistently challenging research environment, encouraging the student to consider new or alternative perspectives and to push boundaries.

Thomas VoglThomas Vogl won Best Postgraduate Teacher Award. He is reading for a DPhil in Information, Communication and Social Sciences and is a graduate teaching assistant at the Oxford Internet Institute. The criteria for this award include teaching that is ‘stimulating and challenging, delivered enthusiastically’.

The awards were announced on 10 May 2018. Professor André​ Lukas (Professor of Physics, Fellow and Tutor in Theoretical Physics) was shortlisted for the Most Acclaimed Lecturer award.

Updated 13 June 2018: Cécile Deer (Lecturer in French) and Elena Lombardi (Professor of Italian Literature, Paget Toynbee Lecturer in Italian Medieval Studies, Fellow and Tutor in Italian) were also nominated for an award.