Professor Tom Melham appointed trustee of The Alan Turing Institute

Thursday 8 March

Professor Tom MelhamProfessor Tom Melham (Professor of Computer Science, Fellow and Tutor in Computation) has been appointed to The Alan Turing Institute’s Board of Trustees.

The Alan Turing Institute is the national institute for data science, and its Board of Trustees is made up of independent members and nominated Trustees from each of its six founder partners (the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Warwick, UCL, and the EPSRC). Professor Melham has been appointed as the non-executive Director and Trustee for the University of Oxford.

Professor Melham’s research is focused on mathematical methods for assuring quality and correctness of computer systems. For many years, he has worked closely with leading companies in the semiconductor industry on advanced tools and methods for microchip design validation. His research contributions include results in theorem proving, software architectures for formal reasoning tools, combined model checking and theorem proving, industrial-scale hardware verification, abstraction techniques, integrating formal verification into hardware design methodologies, hardware/software co-design and co-validation, validation of low-level firmware, and validation and analysis of System-on-Chip designs.

During 2012–15, Professor Melham served as Associate Head of Oxford’s MPLS Division. He served on the Strategic Advisory Network of the EPSRC from 2011-2017 and was a member of the EPSRC ICT Strategic Advisory Team. He was Chair for five years of the Computer Science Committee of the London Mathematical Society. He was also a member of the Technical Advisory Board for Jasper Design Automation from 2008 until its $170M acquisition in 2014 by Cadence Designs Systems. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2002 and a Fellow of the British Computer Society in 2015.

Professor Melham commented: ‘The Alan Turing Institute has a significant part to play in shaping the UK’s agenda in data science and artificial intelligence research. It will be a pleasure to join the Board of Trustees and support the team to deliver their ambitions.’