Balliol students create an Oxplore video

Thursday 9 August

‘Does Truth Exist?’ ask Balliol undergraduates Jamie Barnes and Mia Liyanage in a video which they’ve filmed for Oxplore’s ‘Walk with a Student’ series.

Oxplore is an innovative new digital outreach portal from the University of Oxford. Describing itself as the ‘Home of Big Questions’, it aims to engage 11-to-18-year-olds with debates and ideas that go beyond what is covered in the school classroom.

Being a first-year mathematician, in the video Jamie takes a mathematical approach to the question, which he discusses with Mia, who’s studying history, while they take a tour round Balliol and the Oxford Mathematics Institute. How maths is a crusade for true facts and Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem are among the the ideas that feature, along with a glimpse inside Balliol’s buildings and gardens.

Mia worked on the video as part of an internship with Oxplore. As one of the JCR Access reps at Balliol, she says she was delighted to have the opportunity to show prospective applicants ‘Oxford students at ease in their natural habitat, especially when it’s as beautiful as Balliol’.