US Department of Energy funding award for Balliol alumnus

Monday 4 September

Alessandro Tricoli (Balliol 2002)

Particle physicist Alessandro Tricoli (Balliol 2002) has received a prestigious Early Career Award in High Energy Physics from the US Department of Energy.

The funding is for his proposed research entitled ‘Unveiling the Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Mechanism at ATLAS and at Future Experiments with Novel Silicon Detectors’, based on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN laboratory, Geneva. His work aims to improve, through precision measurements, the search for exciting new physics beyond what is currently described by the Standard Model, the reigning theory of particle physics. You can read an abstract here

Alessandro, who completed his DPhil at Balliol, currently works as an assistant physicist at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. Previously he worked as a research associate at Rutherford Appleton laboratory in the UK, and then as a research fellow and then staff member at CERN. One of 59 recipients selected from about 700 proposals, he will receive funding that will cover his salary and research expenses over five years. ‘I am delighted and humbled by the challenge given to me with this award to take a step forward in science,’ he says.