Portrait of the Master unveiled

Tuesday 10 October

Portrait of Professor Sir Drummond Bone (Master of Balliol) by Valeriy Gridnev (photo: Rob Judges)

A portrait of the Master, Professor Sir Drummond Bone, has been unveiled, to mark his forthcoming retirement. He has been Master of Balliol since 2011 and will retire in April 2018.

The portrait, in oil, is by the artist Valeriy Gridnev RP PS ROI. In the portrait Sir Drummond sits in front of a 1892 design by T.G. Jackson for a Balliol annexe, conceived by Benjamin Jowett (Master 1870-1893) with the purpose of providing cheaper living arrangements for poor students. Only part of the scheme was approved: the King’s Mound in Mansfield Road (on the far right of the image below), which is now the official residence of the Master of Balliol.  

At the unveiling on 6 October 2017 the Master thanked the anonymous donor who made the commissioning of the portrait possible. The painting will be hung in Balliol’s Hall.

Drawing for a scheme by T.G. Jackson, 1892 (photo: Ian Taylor)