Europaeum celebrates its 25th anniversary at Balliol

Wednesday 4 October

Europeaum dinner at Balliol Sept 2017 (photo: Carole Souter, Master of St Cross College)The Europaeum, an association of the leading universities in Europe, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a dinner at Balliol on 29 September 2017. The group marked the occasion by announcing a new two-year Europaeum Scholars Programme, which will be taken alongside an existing doctoral degree, with an emphasis on multi-disciplinary team work, and a focus on policy; it will commence at Oxford University in January 2018 and continue at Leiden, Geneva and Prague. The aim of this and of other initiatives announced to mark the anniversary, is to create ‘a morally aware cadre of young people who have developed the qualities of leadership, learned how to work collaboratively and who are committed to shaping the future of Europe for the better’.

Lord Patten, Chancellor of Oxford and Chair-elect of the Trustees of the Europaeum (Balliol 1962), said: ‘Does anyone doubt that Europe faces huge difficulties? Does anyone doubt that the future of Europe must lie with the young? Does anyone doubt that the UK will be a better and more stimulating place if it continues to be fully contributing to, and engaging with, the intellectual mainstream of Europe rather than retreating into English Nationalism? My predecessor as Chancellor, Roy Jenkins [Balliol 1938 and Honorary Fellow], was proud to have initiated the Europaeum and I am equally proud to be part of these new initiatives.’

Dr Andrew Graham, former Master of Balliol (2001-2011), Executive Chair of the Europaeum, and Chair of the Academic Council, commented: ‘The structure of the new Europaeum Scholarship Programme is a major innovation designed to meet contemporary challenges. Each of the key features of the new programme – its use of teams, its pulling together of the disciplines, its cross-university, cross-country, and cross-cultural mix, its engagement with the governed as well as the governing, and its concern with moral and ethical considerations – make it ready to contribute from the start to the problems currently facing Europe.’