Repairs at the Boathouse

Monday 6 November

Balliol rowers at the James Beeland Rogers Boathouse (photo: Rob Judges)Those with an interest in the Balliol College Boat Club and the James Beeland Rogers Boathouse will be glad to know that repairs are either in hand or completed following damage to the boathouse and to one of the boats over the summer.

On 11 July 2017 there was a fire at the New College Boathouse, which is adjacent to Balliol’s. Although the fire did not spread, Balliol’s boathouse suffered some damage from smoke and water. Fortunately, none of the memorabilia inside the boathouse was affected. Now that an insurance claim has been settled, wooden furniture, barbecue grills, a fridge and other items will be replaced. The boathouse has been cleaned up but redecoration will also be needed.

At Eights Week 2017 the men’s boat Endeavour collided with Magdalen’s boat. The incident occurred when the Balliol boat closed on Magdalen’s to give its final bumping push, with Balliol on the inside, fairly close to the river bank. The Magdalen boat failed to concede and, still moving fast, the two boats collided with each other and with the bank. The impact caused substantial damage to Endeavour, but this has now been repaired and Endeavour is back in the boathouse.