Muslim News Excellence Award for DPhil student

Tuesday 28 March

Dr Mehrunisha SulemanDPhil student Mehrunisha Suleman has won the Muslim News Ibn Sina Award, which recognises those who excel and promote in health issues. The award is one of the Muslim News Excellence Awards for people who are ‘exemplars of good practice, excellence – our future role models’. Mehrunisha, who says she was ‘extremely surprised’ to receive it, was presented the award by Rushanara Ali MP, Labour MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, on 27 March 2017.

Mehrunisha Suleman is a bioethicist researcher at Oxford University’s ETHOX centre, completing a DPhil in Population Health on the subject of ‘The Ethics of Global Health Research in Developing Countries and Exploring the Importance of an Islamic Perspective’.  She has a BA in Biomedical Sciences Tripos from Cambridge University and an MSc in Global Health Sciences from Oxford University.

As a trustee at the Centre for Islam and Medicine, she has been instrumental in shaping the vision and agenda and has applied her knowledge and experience to advance the Islamic bioethics discourse. Before joining Oxford, she worked with the Department of Health’s QIPP Right Care Programme. As a UNESCO trainer for ethics teachers, Mehrunisha has facilitated and delivered ethics teaching for researchers and practitioners through courses held in Kenya and Bangladesh. She is an honorary Clinical Teaching Fellow at the Oxford Radcliffe Trust, and a teaching associate for the MSc Global Health Sciences programme at Oxford.