Conservation of two Chapel windows completed

Friday 24 March

Figure of St Michael, c.1529, stained glass in Balliol Chapel, after conservation 2017 (photo: York Glaziers Trust)Figure of St Michael, c.1529, stained glass in Balliol Chapel, before conservation 2017 (photo: York Glaziers Trust)Two Chapel windows have been restored to their places following conservation work on the stained glass, including the figure of St Michael, with a dragon at his feet, c.1529, shown left before work began and right after conservation.

The windows comprise ‘exquisite and important glass of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries’ (in the words of Emeritus Fellow John Jones), including glass that has survived from the previous Chapel on the same site, as well as fragments from a 15th-century window originally in the Library.

York Glaziers Trust (YGT) removed the windows last autumn and took them to their workshop, where carried out much-needed cleaning and conservation work, and installed a system of ventilated external protective glazing that will protect the glass from future deterioration. The protective glazing does not affect the appearance from the inside. All the Chapel glass has now been conserved, apart from the east window.

You can read elsewhere on this website about the stained glass in the Chapel and the armorial glass in the Old Library, where there is the oldest known representation of the arms of the University,