Blue Plaque for Balliol mathematician Leslie Fox

Thursday 1 June

A Blue Plaque commemorating the mathematician Leslie Fox (Fellow 1963-1983 and Emeritus Fellow 1983-1992) is to be unveiled on Tuesday 18 July 2017 at 11.30 am at Dewsbury Railway Station.

A distinguished researcher in numerical linear algebra and differential equations, Leslie Fox was born in Dewsbury and went to school there. Following work at the Admiralty Computing Service, including highly secret war work, and the National Physical Laboratory, he went to Oxford University, where he set up the Computing Laboratory in 1957 and was appointed Professor of Numerical Analysis at Oxford University and Fellow of Balliol College in 1963. The contribution he made to numerical analysis until his retirement in 1983, both in research and in teaching, is described in detail in obituaries and other resources here.   

The IMA Leslie Fox Prize for Numerical Analysis was established in his honour. The first winner was Nick Trefethen, who now holds Leslie Fox’s chair in Numerical Analysis.