Old Member begins a Listening Pilgrimage

Friday 7 April

Christy Hawkins (Balliol 1997) is undertaking a Listening Pilgrimage on foot from London to Iona, in order to meet refugee communities and to listen to opinions - positive and negative - about migration, refugees and community integration.  

Starting on 9 April 2017, he and his fiancée, Isabel Freer, will be walking more than 500 miles over the course of three months, camping and relying on the hospitality of those who are interested in the project. They have already walked from Dover to London, testing equipment and making connections.

By listening to people along the way with an open mind, they hope to explore and learn about the experiences, needs and ideas of a wide range of people. Their goal is ’to nurture a conversation about integration, human rights, community, vulnerability, fear and cooperation’, from which they hope that lessons can be learned and shared.

Christy will be reporting on progress from his blog and would be delighted to hear from other Balliol Old Members who would like to walk with them for any portion of their journey or offer thoughts or suggestions.

Christy Hawkins (Balliol 1997) and Isabel Freer