Telethon success

Friday 28 October

Before the start of Michaelmas Term 2016 a team of undergraduates spent two weeks calling Old Members of Balliol to ask after their news and to update them on College life. This autumn the College has launched the Holywell Manor Fund, to support the continued excellence of our graduate centre, which the callers were excited to talk about after a visit to the Manor (a first for many!). The JCR and MCR have also come together to launch a student giving campaign, fundraising to establish a scholarship for an individual affected by the current refugee crisis - an initiative that motivated many Old Members to support the latest generation of Balliol students.

The telethon was a wonderful success and has, to date, raised £240,000, thanks to the generosity of over 250 Old Members.

If you enjoyed a call from an undergraduate – or are inspired by the new initiatives above – please make your gift online.