Lady Dervorguilla seminar on women's empowerment

Monday 28 November

Fanny Louvier, Balliol MCR Women’s Officer, writes:

On Thursday 24 November 2016, Balliol MCR had the pleasure of receiving Emeritus Professor Linda Scott from the Oxford Saïd Business School, as our first speaker of this year’s Lady Dervorguilla seminar series. The Lady Dervorguilla seminars are organised by the MCR women’s officer and aim to promote widespread engagement with the research of leading female scholars.

Lady Dervorguilla seminar Balliol MCR November 2016It was a great honour to start our 2016/2017 series with Professor Scott, who was selected as one of the Top 25 Global Thinkers by Prospect magazine in 2014 and 2015. As well as carrying game-changing research on women’s global empowerment, Professor Scott is an active writer on gender issues in various newspapers. She is also the curator of a groundbreaking project called Power Shift, a forum that brings together 200 leaders from across sectors to think and build partnerships around empowering women economically.  

Lady Dervorguilla seminar Balliol MCR November 2016Professor Scott delivered a stimulating and thought-provoking talk entitled ‘This Will Change Everything: The Sweeping Impact of Women’s Economic Empowerment’. She presented her concept of the Double X Economy, a global approach of women as consumers, workers, donors and investors in the economies of both developed and developing countries. As well as discussing women’s empowerment on an international scale, Professor Scott shared with us her practical experience and insights from her fieldwork to show how changes in gender norms could be implemented.

Lady Dervorguilla seminar Balliol MCR November 2016Her talk was followed by an interesting and informed exchange with the question-hungry audience. Highlights included: the role of micro-credit in women’s empowerment in developing countries; how to understand the baby bust in Europe; how to make businesses more women-friendly for the sake of the economy; and how to reconcile the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States with the idea of an historic progression in gender empowerment.

The lively discussion continued over a glass of wine in Balliol MCR, after which Professor Scott was warmly thanked once more for her engaging talk.