Women at Balliol – Dervorguilla Scholarships

Thursday 1 November

In a bid to increase applications from female candidates to subject areas where there is an imbalance in the female-male ratio, Balliol College will select three female students to be Dervorguilla scholars. The divisions that are under-represented by women are Humanities, the Social Sciences, and Maths, Physical and Life Sciences. Candidates will have an offer of admission to Oxford University and a place at Balliol College to read for a higher degree commencing in the academic year 2013-2014. 

The Scholarships may be awarded in conjunction with a University Clarendon Fund Award, or a UK Research Council award, or may be awarded separately. When awarded jointly with the Clarendon Fund or a UK Research Council, the Scholarship covers all University and College fees and may include a grant for living expenses. If the Scholarship is awarded alone, its value will be at the rate of the Graduate College Fee (expected to be £2,659 in 2013-14) for the duration of the Scholar’s course, subject to satisfactory academic progress being made.

Applicants must apply to the University of Oxford for admission to a higher degree by the University’s second deadline in January, and must apply for any University scholarship or award for which they are eligible. The Dervorguilla scholarships will normally be awarded to applicants to Balliol (including those
who have expressed no college preference but are considered first by Balliol).