Medical Arrangements

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Compulsory medical registration

All students are required to register with the College Doctors, 19 Beaumont Street. If you are already registered with another doctor in Oxford and do not wish to change, please inform the Undergraduate Administrator or Graduate Administrator (as appropriate) and the College Nurse

Please read this Letter from the College Doctors, and then register online.  

Overseas students and any family members living with them who are on a full-time course of study lasting six months or longer should register with the College Doctors. Those on a course lasting less than six months which is substantially funded by the UK government may also register. For more information, see the UKCISA website.

Existing medical conditions

If you have long-term medical conditions which will require on-going support while you are in Oxford, you should contact the medical practice as soon as possible after registration in order to put whatever arrangements will be required in place. In some cases this will need to be a face-to-face meeting but in straightforward cases it may be possible to make arrangements by emailing the practice.


It is very important that you are vaccinated against MMR and meningitis before you arrive at University. Please read this letter from the Wellbeing and Welfare Officer.

Dental treatment

The Cornmarket Street dental practice will accept any member of the College for regular or emergency care; however, only undergraduates will be eligible for NHS treatment there and graduate students should, if necessary, contact a dentist who is accepting NHS patients, such as Studental. NHS dental treatment is not free, but it is cheaper than private dentistry. The practice is at 3rd floor, 11-12 Cornmarket Street, Oxford (tel. 01865 244304); the hours are 7.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8.00am to 4.30pm on Friday. Students in serious financial need may be entitled to an exemption certificate.

You are advised to retain your dentist at home for routine check-ups.

More information

  • For more information on the NHS, opticians, and other health matters, refer to the Health page.
  • For information on counselling, refer to the Wellbeing and Welfare page.

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