Marie Szewczyk

Marie Szewczyk

College Nurse
01865 277737

The College Nurse is here to advise, treat, and support any College student or staff member who is ‘unwell, injured, or in difficulty’. She is willing to give advice, treatment and support on a wide range of health matters including minor ailments and minor injuries. Family planning advice, including emergency contraception, repeat prescriptions, doctor’s appointments (usually same day) and travel advice are also available (please contact her as soon as you have confirmed your travel plans). All consultations are confidential.

The Nurse holds clinics as follows, at Balliol main Broad Street site (Staircase XXII, Room 1) or at Holywell Manor (first floor, North Wing):

1st week to 10th week:

  • Monday 2.00-6.00pm (Broad Street)
  • Tuesday 1.00-5.00pm  (Broad Street)
  • Wednesday 1.00-5.00pm (Holywell Manor)
  • Thursday 2.00-6.00pm (Broad Street) 

Students and staff can be seen at either location. The clinics are drop-in, but appointments can be made by contacting the Nurse in advance.

    If a student is too ill to leave his or her room, a note should be left at the Lodge via the student’s scout or friend, and the Nurse will call to see the student.