Louise Marshall

Louise Marshall

Balliol Old Member

I am currently a Neuroscience PhD student at University College London (UCL). Using a combination of behavioural experiments, pharmacological interventions and computational modelling, I study how humans make decisions and how these decisions influence our actions.

What I love most about academia is its dynamic nature. No two days are the same. Whether you are running a new experiment, analysing data, discussing new ideas with your lab members, attending seminars hosted by leaders in your field, or presenting your latest work at conferences across the world, there is always something to keep you on your toes! Another big plus is the chance to work closely with people: both the individuals volunteering to participate in experiments and other researchers working in the field.

After completing my degree in Physiological Sciences (now Biomedical Sciences) at Balliol, I started working as a Research Assistant at UCL. This was a fantastic opportunity to gain hands-on experience of working in neuroscience. During this time, I met some fantastic researchers from a broad range of backgrounds and I was exposed to exciting new ideas and experimental techniques. In turn, this put me in a strong position to apply for a PhD within the same department.

The skills I acquired during my time at Balliol have been proven invaluable. Every day I am required to solve problems independently, to critically appraise research, to discuss ideas with peers and supervisors, and to communicate my work. A Balliol education prepares you for all of this. Importantly, the opportunity to conduct a third-year research in Professor John Stein’s lab equipped me with the drive to pursue a research question.

But what made my experience at Balliol truly precious was meeting, on a daily basis, bright minds that inspired me to think deeper and probe further.