Lady Dervorguilla Seminar

8 June 2017, 8.00pm
Holywell Manor MCR (no disabled access)

Professor Joanna Innes (Professor of Modern History at Somerville College and the Vice Chair of the History Faculty Board) will speak on ‘Academic Lifestyle’.

Professor Innes’s research focuses on the developments in British, especially English social policy during the 18th and early 19th centuries. In parallel, she has also been running an international collaborative project about changing attitudes to and practices associated with democracy in Europe and both Americas in the same period. She will be speaking on the choices and lifestyle that comes with an academic’s life.

Abstract: One could treat academic employment as just a job, but probably few who persevere to get jobs do that. Accepting the relentless if uneven demands only make sense as a lifestyle choice - though of course, that leaves us open to exploitation. Setting that aside, if it is a lifestyle choice – and bound to colonise much of your life - then it’s important to use all room for manoeuvre in shaping this lifestyle. As a historian who spent ten years at Cambridge in various roles, and then 35 years as an Oxford tutor, I’ll reflect on choices I’ve made and how they’ve worked out.

Drinks and other refreshments will be served after the talk.