Dr Bysshe Inigo Coffey

BA MRes Exeter, MA MPhil Camb, PhD Exeter
Early Career Fellow in English

Academic subject(s):

  • Core subject area: English language and literature/prosody/literary criticism 
  • Teaching: Literature in English 17401830; 18301910; and 1900–present, dissertations falling within that time. Graduate students working on Romantic, Victorian, and 20th-century topics.
  • Research interests: The poetry, thought, reception history, and editing of Percy Bysshe Shelley; romanticism and Victorian studies; verse culture and prosody 17001950; textual scholarship and its history; disciplinarity and the beginnings of ‘Eng. Lit.’; critical and theoretical fads, fashions, and discipleship; Cambridge criticism; thought and works of I.A. Richards, C.K. Ogden, F.R. and Q.D. Leavis, William Empson, Kenneth Burke, and Harold Bloom; practical criticism and its history; history of ideas; radical conservatism and narratives of cultural decline; 18th- and 19th-century Greek, Latin, and French translation; Cornish language, literature, and nationalism. 

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