Using the Computer Suite Workstations

StairCase 3 computer room is provided as a work area for Students.   There are no computers available for use in this room.   There is a printer and work spaces which students are expected to keep clean and tidy.   Nesting, or leaving your study material in a work area for days will result in the material being binned.

The computer rooms are public work areas. Please remember the following:

  • Please be quiet! Conversation is a distraction for workers.
  • Switch off mobile phones.
  • Food and drink are permitted in the room, but Balliol reserve the right to revoke this privilege if the room is left in an untidy way. 
  • Do not deprive anyone the use of a work area by leaving one unattended.
  • Remove everything that you take in with you. Many USB sticks, books, and papers are left in the computer rooms each term. This debris is anti-social and creates extra work for staff.