Using the Computer Suite Workstations

This is an online version of the printed handbook which describes how to use the workstations in the Balliol computer suites.

Use of computer suite workstations

All users are bound by the College and University rules. Only the designated user may use the account. You must not share your account with anyone else.

Your storage space on the server is:

  • limited to 250 Mb
  • intended only as temporary storage area
  • not backed up

Students should backup their work to removable media after each session - you should not assume your files will be available the next time you log in.

Use of all computing facilities is free except for printing (see Student ICT Facilities and Services for print charge details).     

For Frequently Asked Questions on the College system, see this FAQ page. If you have problems with your Balliol account, contact the ICT Department. fqwsdesazwasdfsaor email problemsContact ITSS .

Do not use public computers for Internet banking or credit card transactions. It is impossible to guarantee that your details will not be captured.

The computer rooms are public work areas. Please remember the following:

  • Please be quiet! Conversation is a distraction for workers.
  • Switch off mobile phones.
  • Do not take food and drink items into the computer rooms.
  • Do not deprive anyone the use of a workstation by leaving one unattended.
  • Remove everything that you take in with you. Many disks, books, and papers are left in the computer rooms each term. This debris is anti-social and creates extra work for staff.

Quick guide to computer suite workstations

LOGON by holding CTRL and ALT then pressing DELETE. Enter your username and password in the boxes.

USERNAMES and PASSWORDS are the same as your University email logon, e.g. ball1234 + password

TEMPORARY SPACE ON THE SERVER is provided for your convenience and is restricted to 250 MB. This is accessed from ‘Documents’ and the Windows desktop. Make a copy of everything to removable media, as availability is not guaranteed.

PRINTING is accessed from most programs via ‘Print’ on the ‘File’ menu. Make use of ‘Print preview’ functions to ensure your work looks as you intend. You will be charged for printed pages. Check your account balance by logging into your print account.

PROGRAMS are access from the ‘Start’ button in the bottom left corner of the Windows desktop. You will find a number of popular software programs for word processing, spreadsheets, database, graphics, file manipulation and storage, media playback, and Internet browsing. See programs below.

LOGOFF when you have finished. If you leave an unattended workstation, others may use your account, print at your expense and have access to files in your server storage area.

PROBLEMS? Contact the ICT Department.

Paper and toner replacement

At Balliol main site, contact the ICT Department. Out of hours paper can be signed out from the Broad Street Lodge.

See also Printing.

Using USB sticks

You can use most USB disks (including some on digital cameras and PDAs) on the workstations. Just plug your device into an available USB port (usually on the front of the computer) and it should be automatically recognised and given a drive letter. It will normally be labelled ‘Removable Disk’ in Explorer.

To remove your device, click the ‘Add/Remove’ icon next to the clock; then click ‘Safely remove’.

USB devices requiring the installation of special drivers or software cannot be accommodated.

Programs available on the computer suite workstations

Microsoft Office

Word Word processing
Excel Spreadsheet
Access Database
PowerPoint Presentations

Media players/readers

Acrobat Reader Read Acrobat files (PDF)
Windows Media Player Most popular audio and video file types supported


Internet Explorer Browse the Internet
Mozilla Firefox Browse the Internet
Google Chrome Browse the Internet
Endnote Reference and citation manager
SPSS Statistical analysis software
Matlab Numerical computing environment