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Student IT Facilities and Services


Wireless network access is available throughout the College campus. You can connect to Eduroam using your Remote Access Account credentials. On the University IT Services pages you can find an Eduroam configuration guide and a helpful configuration tool which you can download.

Ethernet is also available throughout College in all common rooms, teaching rooms and accommodation. Please follow the instructions on how to connect via Ethernet on our Networking page.

IT Recommend that ALL students come to college with dongles and cables to connect to the wired network in their rooms. While wireless is available in all parts of the college, it is impossible to guarantee that all devices will have a strong signal everywhere. In particular we have found that older models of Mac hardware are not able to roam easily in a commerical wifi setup — this is a bug in the hardware and not something we can fix. All bedrooms are equipped with a wired port for your use. 

Computer room

There is a Student Computer Room in Staircase III (Broad Street site). Work spaces are provided along with a printer/scanner/copier.


See Printing to the College Printers.

Personal computers

If you need advice concerning a problem with your personal computer, please drop into the ICT office in the basement of Staircase XI. Minor repairs can be performed in the ICT office.

The ICT Department have a couple of laptops to loan out on a short-term (strictly 2 weeks) basis in times of technical catastrophe. These are available on a ‘first come first served’ basis and are of limited quantity. Students are liable for damage to the loan equipment and will be battelled for the cost of replacement or repair to loan equipment. Loan equipment not returned back in an agreed time will also incur a fee and full replacement cost of the hardware.