Special Needs

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Balliol places great emphasis on supporting its students throughout their time in Oxford. This relies on good communication between you and the College, and we strongly encourage you to talk to us from the very beginning about any concerns that you may have.

The start of the academic year will be very busy and you will be expected to manage the academic demands of your course from your first week. It is important therefore that you inform us as early as possible of any health, disability or welfare issue, so that we can work with you to ensure that you have appropriate support right from the start.

We encourage you to disclose any such special needs or disabilities when you complete the online Freshers’ Form and to contact the Undergraduate Administrator or Graduate Administrator (as appropriate) for further discussion. For students who may need particular arrangements for exams - for example, extra time or use of a word processor – we would advise early contact with the relevant Administrator so that measures can be put in place in good time.

Alternatively or additionally, you are welcome to contact the University’s Disability Advisory Service. There is a great deal of helpful information about the sort of support that is available and the kind of things it might be helpful to begin thinking about, on the University’s website. You can contact the Disability Advisory Service at disability@admin.ox.ac.uk, on 01865 280459, or at 3 Worcester Street, Oxford, OX1 2BX.

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