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All Balliol students have access to the College Library and to their own faculty or department library, as well as to the Bodleian. The libraries are also responsible for providing the many e-resources that are available.

Each library is different, so it is important that you attend the inductions scheduled for your subject in the College Library and in your faculty library.

If you are unable to attend a session or have any questions, you should ask the College Librarians at or contact

  • The College Library can be accessed via the staircase in the Library Passage.
  • A map of the Oxford University Libraries can be found here.

College Library inductions: undergraduates

Inductions for undergraduate Freshers will take place on Tuesday 3 October 2017.

  • 1.00pm: Mathematics, Computer Science, Joint Schools with Mathematics and Computer Science, Classics, Classics and Oriental Studies, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
  • 1.30pm: History, Joint Schools with History, Chemistry
  • 2.00pm: Law, Modern Languages, Modern Languages and Linuistics
  • 2.30pm: Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Medicine, English, Joint Schools with English
  • 3.00pm: PPE, Engineering Science
  • 3.30pm: Physics, Physics and Philosophy, Economics and Management

You will be brought to the Library in your subject groups, but if for any reason you miss your allocated time, please come at 3.30pm.

College Library inductions: graduates

There will be a brief session to explain how the Library can support graduate study at 4.15pm on Wednesday 4 October 2017. 

Faculty Library inductions: undergraduates and visiting students

As well as your College Library induction, please go to all the inductions advertised for your subject/faculty (Joint Schools students are advised to go to all sessions listed for their subjects):

These schedules may be subject to small changes, so please check them at the beginning of term.

An introduction to Balliol College Library

  • The College Library is open 24 hours a day to all members of the College, and is accessible via a touchcard system using your University Card. Members of other colleges and visitors are permitted only by appointment with the Librarian.
  • The Library staff work between 9.00am and 5.00pm on weekdays, and can be contacted at for help with finding and using print and electronic resources within Balliol and elsewhere in Oxford.
  • The Library aims to provide most books that undergraduates will need for tutorials in core areas.
  • All books are catalogued on the automated SOLO system, which contains the records of the Bodleian and faculty libraries too. SOLO also gives access to the University’s collection of e-books, e-journals, and databases, and can be consulted from any computer with Internet access. Readers may use their own computers and access the University wireless service Eduroam in the Library.
  • Books may be checked out at any time using the reader’s University Card at the self-issue machine on the Library landing. Students may borrow up to 12 books at a time for two weeks, and can renew loans up to four times online. Fines of 20p per day are charged on overdue books.

There is a more complete guide to the Library on the Library webpages. More information on the operation and rules of the Library can be found here.

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