Freshers' Week Timetables

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Please note that the information on this page may be subject to change, so please check it again at the beginning of term.


Undergraduate Freshers’ Week runs from Monday 1 October 2018 to Sunday 7 October 2018:

Graduate Freshers’ Week runs from Friday 28 September 2018 to Sunday 7 October 2018:

Sports and societies

Balliol has lots of sports clubs and societies, and all of them are keen for Freshers to join in! Most will have tables at the Balliol Freshers Fair: see the timetables above. 

Gym inductions

If you are likely to use multi-gym equipment (see this page for more information), please go along to the gym on the Broad Sreet site (on Staircase XV under the JCR) to hear a short briefing by one of the University’s sports experts at the time given in the timetables above. 

Mature students 

Mature students will be invited to an OUSU mature students orientation event: please check this page for details at the beginning of term.

International and European Freshers

For events for International and European Freshers, please see this page.

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