Food, IT and Domestic Information

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A buffet-style lunch and dinner are served in Balliol Hall seven days a week during term time, and breakfast is available during the week. 

Once you have have your SSO (Oxford IT access), you can register online for a pre-paid meal deal: you will need to register by 29 October at latest. See the Food page for more information, including the daily menu in Hall and information about special dietary requirements.

IT facilities

There is information about IT facilities and services for students, including network access, computer rooms and printing, in the Current Members section of the website under IT Services

Please take a look at these pages:
• Student IT Facilities and Services
• Computing Rules
• Internet Access (you are advised to sign up to Eduroam before arrival if you can)
• Network Essentials

IT equipment

Please see the University’s advice about what IT equipment to bring. If you are unable to afford essential elements of this, hardship support may be available: please alert the Undergraduate Administrator to any difficulties before the start of term. It is important that you are fully equipped by the time your studies start.


Students keeping bicycles in the main site are required to register their bicycles with the Broad Street Lodge. A secure basement storage area is provided for College residents’ cycles on the main site in the Front Quad, in the basement of Staircase VII. There are a limited number of racks and they are allocated by ballot, with preference being given to those living on the main site. The JCR bike rep allocates places in the rack.

Please see also the rules about bicycles in the College Handbook.

Dress code

Sub fusc (academic dress): in normal circumstances, for the Matriculation ceremony (your formal admission to the University), for University Examinations and other formal events, the required dress is sub fusc — i.e. you should wear your preferred items from the following: dark suit with dark socks, or a dark skirt with black tights or stockings, or dark trousers with dark socks or dark hosiery; a dark coat if required; black shoes; plain white collared shirt or blouse; a white bow tie, black bow tie, black full-length tie, or black ribbon. You are also required to wear a gown and mortar board or soft cap. Clothes should be appropriate for formal occasions. (There is more information about wearing sub fusc in the College Handbook.)

It is possible to obtain the headwear, tie and gown on arrival at the College, and these can also be loaned or hired from the Porters’ Lodge at Broad Street or from various outfitters in Oxford. The following retailers offer deals for new students:
• Shepherd & Woodward
• The Varsity Shop
• Walters

Formal dress: student gowns are not worn for dinner at Balliol, but there is a served dinner in Hall each Tuesday during term, and there are other occasions when you will wish to dress smartly (for men, a suit, or at minimum a jacket and tie). 

Fire safety

Please read the fire instructions posted in each room. See also the information about fire safety in the College Handbook.

Music Room

There is a Music Room at the main Broad Street site in which instruments are routinely stored and entry to which is controlled first by virtue of joining the Balliol Musical Society and second by signing out the key to the room. You are advised to insure your instruments. 


There is a multi-gym at Broad Street. All students wishing to use the gym must pay a £10 per term membership fee; they may sign up yearly or by term; the MCR and JCR Sports Reps will pass names to the Bursary for payment following the induction session. Students must also attend an induction session for the gym before using it for the first time. The inductions are usually held in Michaelmas Term at the end of Freshers’ Week.

More information

For more information about accommodation, meals and other domestic matters, see the College Handbook.

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