Oxford University Lightweight Rowing (Men and Women)

Funding is available to support costs for rowers and coxes trialling for the lightweight boat races with OULRC and OUWLRC. Funding is NOT available for kit or summer trialling. Coaching, travel, launch fuel, trailing, lake hire, insurance, squad-owned equipment, repairs, boathouse fees, gym fees, training camps, overnight race accommodation, race entries and general subs are covered in full.

Type of award: 
Eligibility or selection criteria: 

Any Balliol student who is trialling as a rower and/or coxswain for the lightweight boat races with OULRC and OUWLRC. Open weight rowers and coxes with OUBC and OUWBC are funded almost entirely by their clubs and so are not eligible for funding.

Amount awarded: 

Funding will cover cox/rower training subs (Sept-March), except for kit. 

How and when to apply: 

OULRC and OUWLRC rowers or coxes should contact the Dean as soon as possible. To claim, please send a copy of your subs invoice from the OULRC Treasurer to the Dean.  Please ask the OULRC Treasurer to keep kit and non-kit costs clearly separate on each invoice. Payment is normally made by battels credit, but if you would prefer a bank transfer, please contact Lisa Carpenter in the Bursary once the credit has been made.  

Further information: 

For more information, please contact the Dean.