Grants for Special Academic Purposes

Modest sums are available from certain College trusts to support special academic purposes, such as:

  • the purchase of medical equipment, such as stethoscopes, for those studying Clinical Medicine;
  • small, discretionary, top-up supportĀ for Modern Languages students embarking on their year abroad.
Type of award: 
Academic or academic-related
Eligibility or selection criteria: 

Any current Balliol undergraduate or graduate student, depending on the nature of the award. Postgraduates granted leave to supplicate are not eligible to apply.

Amount awarded: 

Modest sums are available to the extent that College trust funds will permit.

How and when to apply: 

Contact the Student Finance Officer. Payment will be issued upon submission of receipts.

Further information: 

In all cases of travel, whether as part of a course (e.g. field work, year abroad, medical elective) or an extra-curricular activity (e.g. a project for which College has provided financial support, a College reading party, or Westerman Pathfinder award), students are responsible for taking out appropriate medical and travel insurance for the whole of their time away, including any independent trips made alongside, and for consulting relevant travel advice, for instance as the Foreign Office travel advice. Reading party participants are expected to sign waivers prior to departure. Students are not permitted to travel to countries or regions for which appropriate travel insurance cannot be obtained.

If you have any queries about grants for special academic purposes, please contact the Senior Tutor.