Graduate 750 Prize

A prize for Balliol graduate students for the best essay, article, scientific poster or other academic composition in each of Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences, established to commemorate Balliol’s 750th anniversary in 2013. A number or prizes may be awarded.

Essays or articles should be no longer than 2,500 words. Other written works should be of comparable length. Presentation slides are not eligible, but works other than in continuous prose – such as a scientific poster – can be submitted.

Type of award: 
Academic or academic-related
Eligibility or selection criteria: 

Open to graduate students of Balliol.

Amount awarded: 


How and when to apply: 

A call for entries will be sent out in Hilary Term.

Further information: 

Rules for all College prizes:

  • No essay which has already won a College or University prize shall be submitted for another College prize. The closing date for all essays and poems will be indicated when advertised. Students whose status is suspended are not normally eligible to make submissions for prizes.
  • Examiners are empowered to divide the prizes. In any year in which there are no candidates of sufficient merit the examiners may decide not to award the prize or to award a prize of lesser value.

If you have any queries about 750 Prizes, please contact the College Office.